Welcome to Reece Swanepoel

Known for producing his eerie drawings rapidly and his large visceral paintings, Reece Swanepoel is a South African born artist who makes art with an emotional understanding of someone twice his age. 
Starting from a young age, Reece practices art daily and has not stopped for years. This led him to have a jumpstart as soon as he entered the art market in 2015. Boasting with many exhibitions since then, he has scraped his name quite deep in the memory of many and in the artworld. With many other exhibitions and events to look forward to, it will missing out at best not to keep a keen eye on this young emerging artist that is making waves.
Because of his incredible rate at producing finished pieces, it might take some time to post all his newest works on this website.
On this website you will find contact details, background information, latest news and his work.
Feel free to contact him regarding gallery representation, interviews, sales or just hear what h…